Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our weekend.

What a great weekend we had! my friend Lynn gave me a gift of a night away for my last birthday and we just haven't gotten a plan together to do it, so on our big situation thursday, we decided we wanted to do this RIGHT away, and really, for me, planning last minute works best because then I don't waste too much time obsessing about it.  I'm a planner.  its about my favorite thing.   And for this opportunity we took out our savings and decided to really make it good.  because, and this is my new mantra, "Its cheaper than divorce!"  So began our lets-save-our-marriage-weekend.

And it was a good one.  Most importantly, we had a lot of time to talk about our issues, our goals,  each other, and spend some good quality one on one time together, for the first time since our oldest was born, 18 years and 2 days ago.  We decided that we want to for sure do this at least once a year.  We just have to make each other a priority.  I feel like we basically made peace, though i think it will be a long time before i'm truly at peace with the issue, if at all.  I'm resigned to deal with it, because I am not in the position where i have a right to make choices for myself that clash with my family's well being, and also, my family is pretty terrific.  I still feel like a part of me died.  I don't know where God's going with this, but i'm ok with trusting Him.  So that's what i'm doing.  One day at a time.

So our trip-  we really splurged and our major expense settled in 2 major areas, 1. the cruise!  2. the hotel.   we went on a history of Seattle lunch cruise through Elliott bay, and had the most amazing lunch buffet, complete with salad before, (my favorite part of the meal, it was a yummy veggie/lettuce salad with real crab, and strawberry shortcake with scones afterward... drool...   here's some pictures.   I also got some GREAT video clips of the history presentation which will be on my youtube page as soon as i get to it, aka, probably not for a looong time.

so, to GET to the cruise, we first parked at our hotel, then took the link train to Pioneer Square and then had to hoof it, and FAST to the waterfront.  I was running to keep up with Andy's brisk pace, with his crazy long legs, and rushing so we wouldn't miss the cruise, as we were late, for a change :).  we eventually found a cab and got to hail one, which i've always wanted to do, except Andy did it, and it was parked not driving.  Oh well, it got us to the cruise on time so i was not complaining. So we did the cruise, which was awesome.  They totally treat you like royalty, very cool.  We decided we could get used to that!   then after the cruise, we went on the new waterfront ferris wheel.  it was expensive, but made for some amazing pictures.

Isn't this one AMAZING? its Andy's.  He had always planned to be a photographer for a living, but life got in the way.  Totally planning to print this out huge and frame it. 

Then we walked back to the link, stopping on the way at the fabulous Magic mouse toy store... drool.... i swear, i could spend all my money on toys...  so much fun.  I was frugal but scored a couple wind up toys, and invisible ink activity books!! a relic from my childhood.  so much fun.  I told the kids they were SO sharing with mama.   Then we stopped at the cow chip cookie store which was right next to Starbucks- AKA the intersection between awesome and heaven.   And had a cookie, some water and made a facebook pit stop.

then we went back on the train and headed back to the hotel.  I was SO wrecked when we got off the train that the two blocks uphill seemed to take FOREVER.  Also, i couldn't find my favorite tennis shoes, the ones that are a couple years old, so i had to bring their replacements.  the new shoes that i don't like.  And i got HORRID blisters.  Which proved to Andy that I wasn't just being a baby :)

i found a slammin deal on priceline, took a chance, and ended up staying at the Airport Mariott.  It was AMAZING.  here's some pictures of the lobby.  wow...   the pool was amazing too but neither of us were willing to bring our ipods there so no pictures.

So we vegged out in our hotel room, which was small, but sooo comfy, the bed was amazing.  We SO need to get a king size bed!!!  and there was 6 pillows...  :)  It was AWESOME.   so we vegged out for a while, then went to the lobby to use the wifi, then headed out for dinner, settling on Red Robin, where we had a light dinner due to our huge lunch.  we came back to the hotel, and changed into swim suits and waited patiently for adult only in the pool time, which came late, but was worth it, as it was so nice to have NO kid noise.  we soaked in the hot tub till we were semi- roasted and then came upstairs took showers and settled in for the night...   Wine, fudge, alone time...  it was very nice.  AND we got to sleep naked for the first time in a long time, which i know is TMI, but seriously, was the highlight of the trip.  I'm pretty sure when our kids move out we will be nudists. What do you bet i'm going to be in big trouble for posting that?  My leg muscles are KILLING me now, wowza, did yesterday's massive walk/running kick my butt!

So today was more laid back, we vegged out around the hotel for a short while, trying to sleep in, but its just so not in our nature.. so we got up snuggled,  packed up, checked out and headed off to Denny's for breakfast.   We then went to half price books and barnes and noble, our usual date destination, and then office max to price photo printers, Pretty sure i'm going to buy that selphy, as soon as i'm sure the financial stuff is squared away.   So at that point we decided we were going to skip the symphony and go home early.  we missed the kiddos and we figured they'd want to get out of the house too, so we took them out to eat at puerta vallarta.   And even got them to sing for Alex!  My baby is so handsome in a sombrero.  And he let me have most of his birthday ice-cream as he hates dairy :)  And it was appropriate, as his birthday is really special to me. Its the day i became mom.  <3

So that's about it! it was amazing!  I'm working on quelling my negative nature and trying to focus on all the things i DO have to look forward to.  I have an amazing husband, 7 beautiful, talented, intelligent children, we have everything we really need, and live in paradise.  I have a lot to be grateful for.  Prayers would be appreciated.  I'm still hurting a lot.

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