Saturday, May 4, 2013

I am a new woman

I am feeling GREAT these days! i have a renewed sense of vigor, i'm feeling great about things, i'm loving the increase in birds to our neighborhood and our beautiful walks.  What a treasure this beautiful place I call "home" is.  We are getting a CRAZY early taste of summer here in the Pacific Northwest, particularly odd for us, this early.  Usually its JULY.  I'm lamenting not taking out summer clothes a month or two ago when i cleaned out our stored clothing stash for the kids, but gosh, i totally SHOULD have had another couple months to go! :)  NOT that i'm complaining..

Sharing some pics from our recent nature walks...

Beautiful little Bethie Grace and her cherry blossoms

The Neighborhood kids 

Elliott and his pretty flower

Oh and i'm trying to take up guitar.  Sigh... i have a good ear, perhaps TOO good, unfortunately, and sadly each time i strummed my sad attempt at a C# chord, it sounded different.  My experience learning guitar has thus been that my boobs are in the way and my fingers hurt.  Keeping it up though.  I'm convinced i can do it.  I'm going to blister those fingers and callous them up and make each C# sound the same!

Laughing at my failed attempts

I also painted this week for the first time in AGES.  I used liquid watercolor, the paintboard is what's in the background. it felt SO good... need to do this more. 

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