Friday, May 10, 2013

Its friiiiiday.. friiiiiday....

Today i'm feeling so much better about life.  Things have come together, and i'm figuring out how stuff has happened and what has been going on underneath the surface, which i'll spare you all either won't care, won't get it, or you won't believe me anyway :)  Its all good.  I see a bigger plan in my whole situation.  I'm feeling good about it all.

So, today i opted to drive Andy to work so i could have the suburban, and get some errands run- get gas, get the Costco haul for the week out of the way, and stop at Hobby Lobby while i was at it.  

The kids LOVE Hobby Lobby.  LOVE it.  About as much as i do!  And boy, its quite the big ol' mess of crazy taking my 6 youngest children to Hobby Lobby all by myself.  I get hyper focused- just beeline to where i want to go, if the olders want to go look at the kids stuff they can take a younger with them and i'll have Ash with the cart.  Of course Ash started saying, "i'm HUUUNGRY" right away.  (Mind you it was not even 10 am yet, and even HE shouldn't have been hungry at that point. I think he's remembering the last time we were there right before lunch, he's got that crazy awesome autism memory going on)  And then the spitting started, but thankfully there wasn't anyone really around,  so that made it lose some of its power.   So i discovered that the paper and paper packs and kits were all 50% off, so i spent more time than i normally do there, and bought more than i normally do as well, but heck, it was a rockin deal!  so i FINALLY choose my 3 kits and used my coupon on a pack of watercolor brush pens, since mine are missing, and i've been into watercoloring lately, and made the tribal call of "Kvenvoldens! time to go!"  The well trained crew who heard found those who didn't and i told them to meet me up at the checkout.  As i was walking down the aisle pushing Ash i heard a "CRASH!"  Oh crud... was it one of mine?!  Of course... it was the clumsy 6yo looking sheepish and scared.  "Leif! ugh, did whatever that was break?"  "No," he replied.  I reassured him that it was ok, and we continued the exiting procedure.  We got to the checkout, paid, with relatively little incident, and then moved on to costco...   here's my haul.  I didn't get any pics taken in the chaos at HL.


So next was Costco, which i was starting to dread, having gotten off to a bit of a rocky start before even ENTERING costco, but we did ok, we got through it, only having forgotten diapers and wipes, which we will just pick up next week, and wouldn't have fit in the cart anyway, and i did NOT want to try to pull off a 2 cart trip this week.  Lots of good stuff on sale this week, which is awesome, a few easy to make meals, which is always nice since i really really hate cooking :)  We plowed through Costco with reckless abandon, and made it to the food court just in time before twinny melt down occurred.  We had lunch, and went home. 

Unfortunately, nap didn't happen.  I was completely wrecked when we got home, and was hoping to crash out with the belly bean, but both of the twins were too excited to play outside in the fantastically hot sprinkler weather.  So they play- kids out back, me getting my scrap on, and HOPEFULLY finding my muses who have been hiding, apparently.   I'm kind of desperate for some creative time at this point.  So off i go.  Hope you all have a wonderful day, and weekend. 

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