Monday, July 22, 2013

Today... sigh....

Is my beautiful twinnie's birthday.  Wow.  There really are no words.  EXCEPT that Twins age SO much faster than singletons. Its entirely no fair.   So I thought i'd just share some pictures that Andrew posted to facebook today.

Elliott left, Asher, right

Asher is in salmon, Elliott in blue- i think. 

Elliott, left, Asher, right

A rare smiling Leif picture! he's playing in dirt, so that's why. 

Me, Leif, and Alex, when he was going through his goofy looking stage :)

aww... best buddies, Nik and Chloe.  Both have changed, SO much! 

Extraordinarily beautiful Annabeth, looking just like Grandma Lois in this picture! 

Daddy and Lovely Chloe

Alex, so little...