Monday, May 20, 2013

Daring Greatly Study/discussion

Ok, so today sucks.  I'm sick, i'm sad, i can't seem to get my mind of someone that it needs to be off of, so i've been trying to distract myself in the least self-destructive ways possible.  right now, that is reading.   I'm working through the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, which is an amazing book.  Its a must read, i think for EVERYONE, and further, for people who are struggling, like me.  So i'm going to start a discussion and would love for anyone interested to pop in through the comments and we can carry on a book study/discussion right here.  I'm going to be working through the book really fast, most likely, so i'll make a post for each chapter discussing my thoughts of the major points, and you can all chime in as time allows.  that way you won't feel stressed or like you need to finish at a set time.

The book:        

I bought the Kindle version from Amazon, link here Because, when you buy the kindle version, you can also get the whispersync audio version for only $3.99 which is a slammin deal.  You can read on the computer, or on a kindle or like me, on an ipod or ipad (or iphone)  So its really versatile.  I love having all my books in my pocket.  
OR, for the same price of getting the Kindle plus audio version you could get the hardcover copy for $13.99 here   Or, get it from the library.  Just GET IT!  Really!! :)

I'm absolutely enamored these days with Brene Brown's stuff.  I saw her video on TedX on youtube, here.  I'll try to embed the video.  

So after watching this, you are most certainly as enamored with Brene as much as I am and are motivated to get started! if not, check out some of her other resources... 

Here's the video series from Oprah's Super Soul Sunday series, which i watched and was crazy motivated by....  Super Soul Sunday Brene Brown series

Here's some of Brene's amazing free downloads-  Downloads

And here's her blog.   Brene Brown's Blog

So hopefully i've motivated you to want to join me on this journey.  Perhaps you are sick of being a faker.  Perhaps you know you struggle with resisting vulnerability.  Perhaps you have been deeply hurt and want to find your way back to being yourself.  Perhaps, like me, your life doesn't make sense anymore and you just want to figure out who you really are.  If so, please join me for this book study! i think we have a lot to learn from Brene and from each other!!  First post coming REALLY soon- but remember, don't feel rushed, do it when you finish the intro. 

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