Tuesday, April 2, 2013


This is a stressful week for us. Thursday we have the meeting of creditors for our bankruptcy and to say we are not looking forward to it would be an understatement. Andy barely slept last night. I'm so grateful that God's grace has been so blatantly obvious in our lives- in mine from childhood on, and in ours as a family. If you've known us long, you'd likely have seen that firsthand. I wish i had the kind of faith that would leave me questionless but i have to say, i don't know where He's going with all this, and i don't entirely like it. I don't understand WHY my body reacted so violently with being pregnant with twins, i don't know WHY we went from 1 child with aspergers and 4 healthy childrne to 2 with aspergers, one with low functioning autism and one with severe APD and SPD, and 2 healthy children in just a couple years' time. I struggle with thinking about the future. I can't go there! Maybe this is just like a giant faith building exercise, like the fall backward into someone's arms thing. I know everything is going to be ok, but i have to remind myself of it constantly. If you think of it, remind me once in a while. :)

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