Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today is another day...

Jan 22, 2013

I'm feeling better today.  :)  I'm particularly excited because my DADDY is coming to visit! he'll be here around 5:30 which is my family's way of saying 7:00 so i'll be sure not to make dinner too early. :)  I'm so not complaining.  Things have finally gotten way better with me and dad.  I think my mom situation has really caused me to let go of the little stuff with Dad and appreciate him when he's still around and apprecate that he may have failed me in a lot of ways, but he's HERE, sorta... and he's trying.  And that's good enough, that's a blessing.   And i'm very excited for the first time instead of all stressed out, which is a great feeling.

An Asher update- things are difficult.  even from the picture you can see my handsome little boy mini-me is just not himself lately.  We're trying to figure out what's setting him off, i'm looking into more supplementation, we are partway through the slooooooow process of getting ABA started for him, and i've been TRYING to get him in a reasearch study through Seattle Children's hospital, which has been unsuccessful thus far, the one i had high hopes about he was immediately excluded from because he's a twin, and the twin studies are for older kids and most of the other studies were for younger kids! ugh! i wish we started with SC instead of Mary Bridge, which stinks.  I started the whole research process after finding out that he still had like at least 3 months left on the waiting list, to get seen and start getting case management and services to help him be more functional.  I am SO ready to consider meds. SO ready, and that's one of those many "things i will never do" things that seem to always end up getting DONE when push comes to shove.  And push HAS come to shove, and bite and scratch and particularly- spit.....   Anyway, i'm a little stressed about his interaction with my dad, which is not ideal.. the older generation doesn't really "get" stuff like this, but at least my dad is fairly open minded and was always a very permissive parent, and he seems to be handling my "please don't yell at my kid when he spits all over you!"  which is awesome.  Crossing my fingers..   The weather makes a huge difference.  Right now Nik is out playing with the twins.  (Bless his heart, my right hand man, i do NOT know what i would do without Nik!) and that will alleviate some of the ash tension, the rain has NOT been going well for us.

So, we have a super fun day ahead of us- Sorta....  Andy and I both have dentist appts early in the AM, and Annabeth has therapy right after and then we have from 12-6 to spend time with grandpa and go do tourist stuff, and also we have our special needs meeting at 6 which is AWESOME! our favorite day of the month- the kids get the run of the tacoma children's museum and we get to sip coffee, listen to adults talk about autism and have NO one pulling at our clothing.  (or depants-ing us as ash very nearly did to me one time we were out recently :-o)   so aside from seating my new crown, ugggg...    it is going to be a wonderful day and i'll be posting pics!   Thanks for listening my faithful following few :)

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