Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Saturday ;)

So last night, we tried to go out drinking.  More specifically, I did.  Andy's a teetotaler, and me too for a long time, i've had no more alcoholic beverages than I can count on my hand in the last decade and a half.   But while i'm in this odd, most likely midlife crisis, i thought WHAT the hell!  In all actuality, i've never had those wild college years that everyone else has.  I found out i was pregnant with Alex the first day of college.  I quit smoking, gave up drinking, and became mom.  But i'm not only mom.  I'm a woman.

Anyway,  so a friend ended up at the ER with a migraine and we were going to be picking her up at like midnight, and whenever that happens we take a middle of the night date night! fun!  So i said, "lets go to a BAR!" and of course Andy was less than enthused about that, but he agreed, so we went to Puerta Vallarta, our favorite mexican restaurant which happens to have a bar.  And we walked in.  And then we turned around and walked out.  We were OLD.  It occurred to me at that point, "I'm OLD" how did that happen?!  We walked away.  it was packed to the gills with 20 yr olds.  NOT my scene.  So today, i picked up a bottle of good quality wine.  Ash fell asleep early, the others are in bed and i'm drinking it, and enjoying it and drowning my sorrows in a dry white wine.  feeling pretty good right about now! So Cheers!

Yes, i do realize i'm most likely talking to myself.  Correct me if i'm wrong! say "Hi!" but i'm fairly certain i'm alone.  Completely, entirely, alone.  And that's fine with me.

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