Sunday, April 28, 2013

Veggie prep weekend

Whew, veggie prep weekend is always crazy busy.  Twice a month we get produce from bountiful baskets.    you should totally check it out, its amazingly inexpensive, and just generally awesome.  This time i bought i regular box $15,  1 organic box $25, one juicing bag $9 and a half gallon of coconut oil $20.   I think i like the getting one of each box, i initially was getting one or the other, usually the conventional because of cost, but i really like  the variety of getting both, like in our organic box there was LOTS of munchy fruit, apples, oranges, mangos, etc.  whereas there wasn't so much in the regular, but there was a greater variety of veggies.  My one hesistation with getting one of each is that sometimes we need 2 of a particular veggie, say of we are having cauliflower as a side.  then again, we could just add something else, like carrots, cauliflower and brocolli.  so i'm not going to worry about it.  here's SOME of our haul.  i put the coconut oil away and most of the conventional box was still in the box since i didn't have to chop it right away...

Next is the stuff i processed.  The 2 bags in the back are full of diced ginger, beets, a bunch each of Kale spinach etc.  they are for smoothies and are now frozen. Then i chopped up the organic tomatoes and the cucumbers and made the base for a tomato cucumber salad.  i still need to make the dressing for that.  Then i chopped up both watermelons and after munchie kiddos it perfectly fit into the other large glass bowl, woot! then i chopped the green peppers, and froze the ginormous carrots from the juicing pack, i'll add those to the smoothies when i make them, or maybe cook with honey and butter, we'll see, then chopped and bagged the broccoli, the rainbow carrots, the celery, one head diced and one cut into snack size peices, leaving a head of lettuce and 3 romaine hearts for salad later in the week and for burgers.  yay me! 

And these- i could NOT tell if they were zuchini or cucumbers.  i was THINKING that the top two were zuchini and the bottom cucumber, but after posting to facebook, i was told they are all cucumbers.  facebook is kind of awesome like that!  I guess i would have found out by chopping off the ends, anyway, if they were zuchini they would have been grated to make zuchini brownies, 

So anyway, that's my super exciting life ;-) cleaning and cooking.  woohooo!  

thanks for reading <3 R

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