Monday, April 15, 2013

Its a sad day when the mom has almost as many meltdowns as the autistic 3yo!

Ok, that's an exaggeration- i just had ONE meltdown.  Though one is enough.  I just finally reached the end point of tolerating asher screaming bloody murder because he didn't want to wait 5 minutes for lunch, and SCREAMED and threw the book across the room.  Nice.  Sigh....  My job is impossible. I just need to get that and have grace with myself.  Pretty sure there's not a person in the world who could pull off what i'm trying to make happen here, so i'll tell andy to NOT tell me when his mother disparages me over the phone.  I'm trying.  I'm trying SO HARD.  I just can't be everywhere at once.   And wednesday's weigh in? OH man, that's going to be BAD.  REALLY BAD.  Thankfully I live in a time with running water...  A nice hot shower fixes everything doesn't it?  And i swear, Anderson soap company, out of Oregon, makes life worth living.  NO exaggeration!  get on their mailing list, they have super good discounts.  I recommend you get the soap in a jar, the fabulous "infinite romance" being my favorite so far... .ahhhh.....  also the soap samplers are great because you can switch it up a lot and not waste.  Today i tried Chai tea olive oil soap. FABULOUS.  Anyway, so i had a nice long shower and brushed and flossed, nothing like clean teeth to make you feel human again....

I'm going to take a nap with Elliott.  I think i'm getting a virus, i totally just want to sleep all the time.  If i could do nothing but sleep and shower, i would be a happy camper.  Oh and read, but not aloud, even though i'm clearly gifted at doing the voices :)  And sing, but only when my throat isn't sore.  not much singing going on today- and screaming hurts.  a LOT.  Tell me things are going to be ok...  please?

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