Saturday, April 13, 2013

A wonderfully productive day!

Every other saturday is crazy busy.  We do bountiful baskets, which is a produce coop, which i HIGHLY recommend!  Its a fabulous deal!  Here's a pic of our haul, which was HUGE, filled half of our large kitchen table and some stuff was covered up!

 For a regular basket (nonorganic) its $15 and that includes a small round laundry basket's worth of veggies, and one of fruit.  STELLAR deal.   Additionally they have add ons, like to make your basket organic, its $25 which you get a box of produce, less than the regular kind, but still is a good deal.  We buy them every other week just so we don't have so much labor and have to drive there in the morning on saturday :) Saturday is our only sleep in day.  Plus the processing of it all is pretty sizable.    So anyway, Today, we went to our produce pick up, got our stuff and then hit Fred Meyer for the annual Fuchsia sale. It was FREEZING out and windy but typically beautiful, majestic western Wa weather.. I LOVE it here... I hope we get to live here forever, its so wonderful.

They planted the plants too- ALL the dirty work ;)

Those are BOTH our carts :) 

Us all windblown

  That is where you can bring all your garden pots and buy new plants for them and they fill them with black gold soil for FREE.  Which if you've bought soil before, you know is normally EXPENSIVE! that particular kind is $9 for 16 cu ft. which doesn't go very far! So we brought a TON! and even with that ended up with more plants than containers, mainly because the broccoli is so space consuming! i'm psyched about it though and hope my usual black thumb doesn't kill all $100 of plant purchases :)  (not entirely true, we also bought a couple extra containers and fertilizer and gloves and a scoopy thing.  Anyway...

So then we went home.  Ash was good for the older kids, THANKFULLY because Alex was working with Grandpa, so it was just Nik and Chloe holding down the fort.  

Andy TRIED to get Ash to sleep and i sucessfully got Elliott to sleep thanks to my secret weapon- Breastmilk! its the bomb, it has magic make the kid go to sleep hormones in it.  Unfortunately it also has magic make the mom go to sleep hormones too, so usually i nap with him,  which is AWESOME! i'm so enjoying my last baby (or now toddler, he's 3) nursling.  Its such a nice snuggly bonding time for a mama and her way too busy boys.  Ash weaned at about 10 months which was such a bummer :( he'd bite, i'd react, and he'd get SO scared poor little booger...  He finally went on a nursing strike, and didn't start back up,  i guess poor mouth motor skills is a common thing with autistic kids, and he HAD been much more difficult to nurse from the get go.  So anyway, i snuggled the bean and then helped with the garden stuff.

We first had to take care of weeding and edging the lawn, and then set up our planters, planted the strawberries in our little strawberry patch, and cleaned up what we could, only getting rained on heavily ONCE.  Not bad.

Then i got to the HARD work of getting all that produce put away, packaged, and chopped if necessary for our little fridge! not easy.  but done!  Now i'm making Andy do all the clean up since he was a slacker and didn't help me :)  Clean up is the icky part too.    I still hope to get some more work done this weekend, i'd love to get STARTED organizing our homeschool stuff, talk about a mess! but not sure if i'll have time today.  When Grandpa and Alex are done working, we're off to dinner somewhere and i'm SO hoping Ash can deal since he didn't have a nap.  Maybe i'll dress the dudes in sleepers so they are all ready to go to bed when we get home... (yeah, wishful thinking on our part for Elliott anyway!)   that dude could practically stay up all night long.  Let's hope not.

Tomorrow we are going to start going to late service.  We had been going to early service, but lately are just NOT able to make it happen, and wanting to not mess with ash's routine we've just been NOT going, which isn't ok, so we'll be changing up the routine.  Maybe i'll make a visual schedule, like i've been meaning to forever!

Wishing you all a blessed weekend.  I wish we could celebrate the sabbath on the REAL sabbath. (Saturday) but there's WAY too much work on Sat...  and our church is only on sunday, unfortunately!

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