Friday, April 5, 2013


Today is friday, and i'm feeling strangely optimistic about things.  My friend Tonya thinks its the samples of univera Xtra that she gave me to try.  I hope she's right! i'd love a magic supplement that made me happy and energetic! talk about a win!  Particularly since i seem to be immune to things that normal people do for energy- Coffee for example- doesn't affect me in the least.  I'm a strange combination of hyperactive, constant leg hopping, and drained...   its weird. I'm kind of a walking contradiction.

So yesterday was the big day, the court date went ok.  I pointed out to Andy that this was our second worst date night ever- with the one exception of childbirth- we had sitters when Nik and Alex were born :) oh and the twins too obviously.   Chloe, Anna, and Leif, were born at home, so we didn't! But it wasn't too bad, it was really telling how many people were there- regular looking people like us.  Our lawyer had 3 clients all at the same time, they even made a joke about the pronunciation of our name.  Easy-peasy.  Still depressing, but it is what it is.  After we walked through the neighboring mall- the super rich people mall, and they had a teavana so i sampled all the yummy teas and bought 2 oz of 3 of them, along with that cool purple german rock sugar... ahhh... LOVE Teavana :)

Then we drove "forever" to get home.  Have I mentioned lately how much i hate seattle?! its sooooo hard to get in and out of, and everyone is rude.  Nasty, grumpy and RUDE.  The traffic cop at the parking garage seemed REALLY put out that Andy didn't run over the bicyclist who was driving in front of him when the cop said to go.  Sheesh.  This weekend, we solidified where we want to settle, which is what's helping me not be horribly sad about giving up the potential new rental that we could have rented, were we ready to move in 3 weeks and willing to take a loan on our retirement to make it happen.  It would have been far away though- in spanaway, it would have been a longer drive to work for Andy, we'd have had to change churches and shift our whole lives a LOT.  but it was much more roomy and had a 2 car garage.  Probably wouldn't be tripping over stuff constantly... sigh...  oh well, i think we are due for a MASSIVE declutter.  Like- a crazy mom declutter! Yeah, baby! i'm all about throwing stuff away... i throw stuff away to a FAULT! like my Kurt Cobain painting that either got pitched or lost in a move... sigh...  oh well.

Today i'm hoping to blog on my homeschool blog and maybe even my scrappy blog if i have a huge excess of time (yeah, RIGHT! LOL) I'm convinced i'm going to have a great day- i'm going to declutter, and organize, and read good books to my children, and take a nap with my snuggly belly bean and tonight i'm going to scrap and have some quality time with the big guy.  Hopefully he will NOT bring home chocolate when i have him pick up my pictures at walgreens! him bringing home easter candy is NOT helping, though i still lost 2 lbs this week, YAY!  

Off to hang out with actual humans.  God bless you all.

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