Wednesday, April 27, 2011

an even better mantra.

Its all good. Ultimately all that matter is this- I was created in the image of God by one who loved me enough to give me His image, even knowing all the wrong I would do. I have been ultimately accepted, loved and cherished, and I don't have to DO anything to earn that, its just the default, its unconditional love. I don't have to seek that out, i don't have to wish for it, I don't have to try to be "good" enough or effective or successful or anything. Just by virtue of being HERE I have that assurance. My creator is much bigger than the people who combined to mix my DNA. If they or anyone else treat me like i'm not "enough" then they are acting out of their own brokenness, and are not speaking truth. I can't rely on their assessment of me- I can't seek out acceptance from others who don't know their own worth, since i'm inevitably going to fall short in their eyes. Because their eyes don't recognize the marvelous creation of God, and their spirit doesn't know the depth of love that mine does. And that's much sadder for them than it is for me.

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