Sunday, June 2, 2013

I love produce.... sigh... and books.

And it was a good day for both.  Today was our bimonthly produce pickup from Bountiful baskets.  I was going to get 1 organic box, one traditional, one batch of tortillas and one mexican produce lot, but the mexican produce was slimy so I had to reject it, which is a bummer but ok.  
First is the organic, and a few nectarines and apples are missing, they got tackled right when we walked in the door :)

Next is the non-organic... lots of greens,

After that, we headed off to Once Sold Tales, our favorite bookstore, which is going out of business, for our second run at the bag sale.  It was so sad... the warehouse looked like it was hit by a tornado. :( The $10 per bag of any size sale was bittersweet.   Love it/hate it.   Sigh....

We also went wednesday, and got our first bag....

Oh and it was a GOOD mail day :) :)  i got my amazing soaps from Anderson Soap Company, at  OH my gosh, their stuff is AMAZING.  So fabulous... my very very favorite is this one "infinite romance"  it is the best thing ever... EVER. its such a rich sensory experience, smooth, just the right amount of smelly...  ahhhh.....   heaven in a jar.  i also tried one of their linen sprays this time, i got watermelon.  The girls and i both like it.  I wish they'd make that one in infinite romance.   I particularly like getting their soap sampler, its a whole bunch of small bars.  they weren't in stock when i ordered, so i just got an assortment... this should hold me over for a while.  I love how they make my bathroom smell nice. :)  And they have the BEST customer service, they ship fast and refund shipping overcharges.  here's my haul-  Oh and they have thrown in a free lip balm in each of my 3 orders! yay! its awesome too.  Make sure you sign up for their mailing list, i have gotten between 30-40% off each order because of the coupon code that's out.  they have a facebook page too.

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