Friday, March 29, 2013

an addendum to yesterday.

I just feel like i can't let yesterday's post stand.  Can't do it! And i was up, 5:20 this morning, after having a hard time getting to sleep last night- (moral of the story- don't wait till midnight to take the melatonin!)  TIRED.  Sleep and I are not on very friendly terms these days.  Too much going on in my head to let it go for more than 5 or 6 hours, and that makes the vestibular migraines worse, i think.  Its frustrating trying to speak and weird things come out of my mouth that don't make any sense.  At least i can TYPE coherently!  Anyway,  I have a TON to be grateful for, and i tend to be a Much happier person when i acknowledge that, so I shall!

Things i'm grateful for:

1.  Salvation in Christ:  Last week's sermon was about salvation and how we tend to get so hung up on the day to day slog that we don't even think about the significance of that, and its HUGE.  REALLY, it makes you invincible.  You can take risks, because in the end, you are going to be ok.   I look at that little girl and KNOW that he could have just let her die, so many times, one of the suicide attempts, one of the bazillion suicidal inclinations, that truck that almost plowed into me and somehow disappeared when it should have tboned me when i was preggers with Alex.  He's THERE, and not just for me.  But i can FEEL Him there, and that makes me not alone, no matter what life's circumstances.  I pray that each one of you reading this are blessed with the gift of eternal life. I'd love to spend forever with you :) 

2.  A husband that works super hard at a job that's getting less and less easy to deal with, and tells me i'm beautiful every day, even though that's... uh... CLEARLY not the case :D  

3.  Beautiful short people, though 2 are taller than me, so maybe not so short.   The littlest of whom insists on sleeping right smack between andy and I and also tells me i'm "boo-tiful" every day :) 

4.  37 is a pretty vibrant time to be a woman. and i've lost 2 lbs so far, and am in the process of redefining my relationship with food.... again.  :)

5.  My dad.  Its been a difficult journey but i think we are finally "ok" 

6. My stepmom- What a wonderful thing it is to be reconciled to this lovely woman.  I never expected that.  Thankful for happy surprises. 

7.  Old friends who are still around :)  Dude... look how skinny i was! And probably quite inebriated.


8. And new friends too! Particularly ones that i'll invite over even when the house is trashed and the kids are out of control.  This is my lovely friend Christina, she's holding a hammer and roll of duct tape that Asher randomly handed her when she was over with her kiddos visiting on wednesday :) 

9.  Asher TALKING!!   This is amazing.  His words are still pretty random, but he's TALKING! my baby is TALKING! He's my boy mini-me :)  Love that dude. 

10.  Birds.  Birds are awesome. 

11.  Singing.  Singing is awesome.  Takes my mind off other stuff...  i very nearly posted a video of me Siiiinnnnggging.... la la la.... but then i came to my senses :)  

12.  Art.  I love creating stuff.  

13.  Weekends.  Yep, its friday, <<happy dance>> 

There WILL be more, but its totally time to do something real around here.  Thanks for reading. 


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