Friday, March 18, 2011

My latest shower revelation

So, i just got back from a LONG walk, in the POURING rain with a dear friend. Wow, how blessed Am I! i have 2 friends and a great husband who take me out walking, and talking... and what a priviledge that is!!

And how wonderful is the SHOWER when you get home, soaking wet! Showering is always the time i get my special revelations that are so refreshing and encouraging to me. And today I was blessed with one.

My life has been one long process of opening up, giving my heart to someone and getting stomped on. But somehow God has given me this resilience to get back up and give my heart to someone else. Now, don't get me wrong. SOMETIMES, my distorted self-view tends to lead me to giving my heart to the WRONG people. Not always, but sometimes. And of course, that ALWAYS ends badly. But today i realized something. This is an evil world. People are largely ruled by forces that even THEY can't always control. Its not ABOUT them! And yes, i will get hurt, i will get hurt a LOT! Sometimes i feel like i wish i was a more guarded person, that i could protect myself better that way. That comes out a LOT on my old blog. But truthfully, that's my JOB! i'm here on a mission, and it comes with hurts, but it also comes with priviledges. I can think of NO greater priviledge than to be given the opportunity to be a tiny part of God's work. That's so humbling and so amazing. I wouldn't give that up to be "safe" I wouldn't give up the opportunity for my hurt to benefit someone else. Lord knows "I" have been benefittted in such a way.

And you know what the bottom line is?? I am INVINCIBLE. Sure, you can hurt me, but do you know WHO my daddy is?? Because there is NONE more powerful. And He loves me like i'm an only child, so there! :-) :-) :-)

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